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Volcano Agate Dragon Head Skull Carving

Volcano Agate Dragon Head Skull Carving

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Unleash the power and mystique of the ancient with our Volcano Agate Dragon Head Sculpture. Weighing an impressive 932 grams and standing at 18cm tall, this fierce and captivating piece is a true statement of strength and beauty.


  • Hand-carved from high-quality Volcano Agate
  • Intricately detailed dragon head design
  • Rich, fiery colors reminiscent of molten lava
  • UV reactive small included


  •  Infuses your space with the energy of fire and passion
  • Inspires courage, strength, and determination
  • Makes a bold and striking addition to any collection


  •  Represents power, protection, and transformation
  • Honors the mythical dragon as a symbol of wisdom and magic
  • Embodies the raw energy of the earth's volcanic forces


  • Weight: 932 grams
  • Height: 18cm


Handcrafted with precision and care by skilled artisans

Embrace the primal energy of the dragon and the earth with our Volcano Agate Dragon Head Sculpture. Perfect for dragon enthusiasts, crystal collectors, and anyone who dares to awaken their inner fire. Add a touch of mystery and power to your space with this wickedly captivating piece.

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