Collection: Salems Choice

Is your little explorer a whirlwind of whiskered wonder? Then meet Salem, our mascot for the "Salem the Speedy Sprout" crystal collection! This mischievous teacup kitten, alongside his older brother Ares (not included, but probably causing trouble elsewhere!), is always on the hunt for his next adventure (or forbidden object!).

This collection is perfect for littles who:

  • Can't resist a good zoom around the house, leaving a trail of toys (and maybe some trouble) in their wake.
  • Have an insatiable curiosity and a nose for adventure (sometimes leading them to places they shouldn't be!).
  • Secretly (or not-so-secretly) love a little bit of mischief.

Salem's Speedy Sprout Crystals include:

  • Sparkly stones for focus: Channel that boundless energy into awesome adventures, not spilled milk!
  • Calming crystals for curious minds: Help your little explorer navigate new situations with a cool head (well, as cool as a kitten's head can be!).
  • Protective stones for tiny troublemakers: Because even the most adventurous explorers need a little safeguard against bumps and bruises (and maybe a misplaced vase or two!).

With Salem's crystal crew by their side, your little whirlwind can explore the world with curiosity, confidence, and maybe a sprinkle of good luck (to avoid too much trouble)!