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Aura Kyanite Crystal Butterfly Figurine

Aura Kyanite Crystal Butterfly Figurine

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This beautiful butterfly figurine is a work of art and a powerful healing crystal. The butterfly  is a symbol of transformation, change, and adaptability, and the kyanite is a stone of communication, clarity, and focus. This figurine is sure to bring you inspiration, guidance, and transformation.

The butterfly is made of aura kyanite, which is a type of kyanite that has been coated with a thin layer of metal. This gives the crystal a beautiful rainbow sheen and enhances its healing properties. 


  • Aura kyanite crystal
  • Butterfly shape
  • Hand-crafted


  • Promotes communication, clarity, and focus
  • Boosts creativity and imagination
  • Helps to release negative emotions
  • Protects from negative energy
  • Encourages self-expression


Order your aura kyanite butterfly figurine today and experience the power of this beautiful crystal!

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