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Enchant & Delight

Teacup Candles

Teacup Candles

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Handmade: This product is handmade and hand poured

Wax type: Soy

Fragrance: Light Soft Floral

Burning time: With good care this candle will burn for up to 20 hours.

Product description: The Teacup Candle is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any occasion. The stunning hand picked crystals are of the highest equality and they’re ethically sourced and intuitively chosen. Each teacup candle is unique and special. Please keep in mind that no two teacup candles will be the same and teacup sizes will vary.

Benefits: Bring love and romance into your life, Reduce stress, Promote spirituality, Feel more focused and grounded, Protect yourself from negative energy.

Gifting: If you’re purchasing this product as a gift please utilize the “note for seller field at the checkout and ask for a gift note at no extra charge from us at Enchant and Delight.

Note to buyer: Crystal healing is complementary to conventical health and medicine but should never replace it.

Crystals Received: Quartz Geode, Master Healer Fluorite Butterfly, Amethyst chips

Gift Received: Beautiful half rose quartz & half light amethyst bracelet

Intention: Protection, Love and Abundance

Material: Fine China ‘Chip Resistant’

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Refrigerator safe: Yes

Microwave safe: NO

Measurements: Cup: 9cm dia, Saucer: 15 dia

Packaged in a beautiful giftbox

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Teacup candles