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Satin Spa Cluster

Satin Spa Cluster

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Satin selenite spa cluster Introducing our new Chakra Healing Crystal Set, designed to help balance and align your energy centers for optimal well-being.

Weight: 672 grams

Length: 12cm


The Satin Spa Selenite Cluster is known for its calming energy and ability to cleanse and purify the surrounding environment. 


Use this crystal cluster during meditation or place it in your bedroom or living area to create a serene atmosphere. The Satin Spa Selenite Cluster can help to clear negative energy and promote mental clarity and emotional balance.


This crystal is associated with the Crown Chakra, helping to connect you to higher consciousness and spiritual wisdom.


 Selenite is linked to the element of air, bringing a light and airy energy to your space.


The energy of the Satin Spa Selenite Cluster is influenced by the Moon, enhancing its calming and nurturing properties.


The Satin Spa Selenite Cluster is a beautiful white color, symbolizing purity and clarity.

Best for:

This crystal cluster is best for those seeking relaxation, mental clarity, and spiritual connection.

Affirmation: Use the affirmation "I am surrounded by peace and tranquility" while working with the Satin Spa Selenite Cluster to amplify its healing effects.


Our Satin Spa Selenite Cluster is ethically sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring that you receive a high-quality crystal that is filled with positive energy.

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