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Ruby Zoisite 7 Chakra Yoga Goddess

Ruby Zoisite 7 Chakra Yoga Goddess

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This  Ruby Zoisite 7 Chakra Yoga Goddess carving stands at 21cm in height on display stand and weighs 128 grams.


  • The Ruby Zoisite 7 Chakra Yoga Goddess is believed to help balance and align the seven chakras, promoting overall well-being and spiritual harmony.


  • This statue is associated with all seven chakras, helping to cleanse and activate these energy centers in the body.

Signs:  Aries and Aquarius

Elements: Earth 

Planet: Uranus

Colours: The statue features the vibrant colors of Ruby (red) and Zoisite (green), representing passion, vitality, and healing.

Best for: This statue is ideal for meditation, yoga practice, and energy healing rituals, enhancing spiritual growth and inner balance.

Affirmation: "I am aligned with the energy of the seven chakras, finding balance and harmony within myself and the universe."

Sourced: Imported from USA

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