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Quartz with Garden inclusion

Quartz with Garden inclusion

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Introducing the stunning Quartz with Garden Inclusion Crystal Tower, weighing approximately 761 grams and standing at 16cm tall. This unique crystal tower is a true treasure, boasting rainbows galore and a mesmerizing garden inclusion pattern that will captivate any crystal enthusiast.


  • Made of high-quality Quartz with beautiful garden inclusions
  • Weight of 761 grams and height of approximately 16cm
  • Radiates rainbows and light reflections
  • Each tower is one-of-a-kind, showcasing its own unique patterns and inclusions

- Amplifies energy and intention
- Promotes clarity and focus
- Enhances spiritual growth and connection
- Brings harmony and balance to the mind, body, and spirit

Colour  Clear with green garden inclusions

Chakra  Heart Chakra

Zodiac All zodiac signs

Element  Earth

Best for

  • Meditation and spiritual practices
  • Healing and energy work
  • Crystal grid layouts
  • Home decor and display

Affirmation.  "I am connected to the Earth's energy and open to receiving its abundance."

Sourced from: Ethically and sustainably mined locations, ensuring the highest quality and positive energy flow in every crystal.

Elevate your crystal collection with the Quartz with Garden Inclusion Crystal Tower and experience the powerful energy and beauty it brings into your life.

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