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Merkaba Crystal Agate Carving

Merkaba Crystal Agate Carving

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This beautiful Merkaba Agate Star Carving is a must-have for any crystal lover. It is made of genuine agate, a type of quartz that is known for its calming and grounding properties. The carving is in the shape of a merkaba, a sacred geometric shape that is said to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment.


  • Made of genuine agate
  • Merkaba star shape
  • Soothing and grounding energy
  • Promotes spiritual growth and enlightenment
  • Perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply as a reminder of your connection to the universe


  • Throat chakra: Helps to promote clear communication and self-expression
  • Heart chakra: Helps to promote love, compassion, and forgiveness
  • Signs:

    • Gemini: The twins, represented by the two triangles of the merkaba


    • Earth: The element of grounding and stability, represented by the base of the merkaba


    • Mercury: The planet of communication and travel, represented by the top triangle of the merkaba

    Mineral Family:

    • Quartz: The family of crystals that are known for their healing and metaphysical properties

    Crystal System:

    • Crystal Carving: A type of crystal carving that is created by hand


    • Grey, green, black, brown: The colors of agate that are said to promote grounding and stability


    “I am aware that my feelings are the result of my current thoughts, beliefs, and emotions”

    Best For:

    • Anyone who is looking for a calming and grounding stone
    • Anyone who is interested in spiritual growth and enlightenment
    • Anyone who is born under the sign of Gemini


    • Sicily, Italy       
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