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Labradorite Dragon Crystal Carving

Labradorite Dragon Crystal Carving

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This beautiful labradorite dragon crystal carving is a work of art. The labradorite is a blue-green stone that is said to promote protection, intuition, and clarity. The dragon is a symbol of strength, power, and wisdom.

Labradorite is a powerful crystal that is known for its ability to protect against negative energy. It is also said to be helpful for those who are struggling with anxiety or confusion. The dragon is a symbol of strength, power, and wisdom. It is a reminder that we all have the power to overcome challenges and achieve our goals.

This labradorite dragon crystal carving is the perfect way to add a touch of beauty and magic to your home. It is also a thoughtful gift for someone who is looking for a symbol of protection and strength.


  • Natural labradorite crystal carving
  • Hand-carved dragon
  • Weighs 1.06 kgs
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Protects against negative energy
  • Promotes intuition and clarity
  • Helps with anxiety and confusion
  • Symbolizes strength, power, and wisdom


  • Throat chakra
  • Third eye chakra


  • Leo and Aquarius


  • Fire


  • Uranus

Mineral Family:

  • Plagioclase Feldspar

Crystal System:

  • Carving


  • Shades of royal blue, forest green and midnight black


“By taking good care of my body, I am taking good care of my mind”

Best For:

  • Companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Excellent for strengthening intuition - promoting psychic abilities.


  • Poland, Norway, Finland and various other locations worldwide, with notable distribution in Madagascar, China, Australia, Slovakia and the United States.

Order your labradorite dragon crystal carving today and start enjoying its many benefits!

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