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Hemimorphite Sphere

Hemimorphite Sphere

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The Hemimorphite Sphere is a stunning crystal sphere that offers a range of benefits for those who appreciate the beauty and energy of crystals. This sphere is made from high-quality Hemimorphite, a mineral known for its soothing and calming properties.


- Made from genuine Hemimorphite crystal weight 551g
- Beautifully polished into a sphere shape
- Each sphere is unique, with natural variations in color and pattern
- Comes with a stand for display purposes


- Soothing and calming energy: Hemimorphite is known for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It can help to calm the mind and bring a sense of peace and tranquility.
- Emotional healing: This crystal is believed to assist in emotional healing, helping to release past traumas and negative emotions. It can support personal growth and self-discovery.
- Communication and self-expression: Hemimorphite is associated with the throat chakra, making it a powerful crystal for enhancing communication skills and self-expression. It can help to improve clarity and confidence in expressing thoughts and feelings.
- Spiritual growth: The Hemimorphite sphere can aid in spiritual growth and connection. It is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, allowing for a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around.

Chakra: Throat chakra

Signs: Libra and Virgo

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Mineral Family: Silicate mineral family.

Crystal System: Hemimorphite has a unique crystal system, forming in a botryoidal or globular shape.

Colour: Shades of blue, green, or white, with variations in intensity and pattern.

Best for: Hemimorphite is best for those seeking emotional healing, improved communication skills, and spiritual growth. It can be used during meditation, placed in a sacred space, or simply displayed as a beautiful decorative piece.

Affirmation: "I express myself with clarity and confidence, embracing my true emotions and finding inner peace."

Origins: United States, Mexico, China, and Namibia.

Order your Hemimorphite sphere today and start enjoying its many benefits. Whether you are a crystal enthusiast, a spiritual seeker, or simply appreciate the beauty of natural stones, this sphere is a wonderful addition to any crystal collection or home decor.

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