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Desert Rose Crystal

Desert Rose Crystal

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Elevate your crystal collection with this exquisite Desert Rose Crystal featuring two large buds. Weighing 283 grams and measuring 13cm in width, this crystal is a captivating and unique addition to any space.


  • The Desert Rose Crystal is believed to offer protection, grounding, clarity, and transformation. It can shield against negative energies, promote stability, enhance mental clarity, and support personal growth and change.


  • With a soft, sandy hue and intricate petal-like patterns, the Desert Rose Crystal exudes a delicate and elegant aesthetic, adding a touch of natural beauty to your surroundings.


  • Taurus and Capricorn, this crystal is particularly beneficial for individuals born under these signs, enhancing their connection to the Earth and fostering stability.


  • Earth


Best for

  • Ideal for those seeking protection, clarity, and transformation, this Desert Rose Crystal with two large buds can be placed in your home or workspace to create a serene and harmonious environment conducive to personal growth.


  • "I am protected, grounded, and open to positive transformation. I embrace clarity and growth in all aspects of my life, guided by the energy of the Desert Rose Crystal.”


Sourced from Mexico

  • Our Desert Rose Crystal with two large buds is sourced from Mexico, renowned for its rich mineral resources and stunning crystal formations. Each piece is carefully selected to ensure authenticity and quality, bringing the essence of Mexico's natural beauty into your space.



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