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Fluorite Crystal Bat Wings on stand

Fluorite Crystal Bat Wings on stand

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This beautiful Fluorite Crystal Carving Bat Wings on Stand is a work of art and a powerful healing crystal. The bat wings are carved from natural Fluorite, a stone that is said to promote spiritual growth, clarity, and focus.

The purple and lavender hues of the stone are said to represent the Crown Chakra, which is associated with enlightenment and connection to the divine.

The bat serves as a powerful symbol of transformation, new beginnings, and embracing the present moment. Its teachings remind us to let go of the past, trust our instincts, and navigate through life's challenges with resilience and adaptability.

By embracing the energy of the bat, we can embark on a journey of personal growth, transformation, and self-discovery.

This crystal carving is the perfect way to bring positive energy into your home or office. It can be used for meditation, healing, or simply as a reminder of the beauty of nature. The carving is also a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves crystals or bats.


  • Made of natural Fluorite
  • Bat L17cm x W412g
  • Purple and lavender hues represent the Crown Chakra
  • Promotes spiritual growth, clarity, and focus
  • Great for meditation, healing, or simply as a reminder of the beauty of nature
  • Symbol of transformation and new beginnings
  • Chakra: The Crown Chakra
  • Signs: Pisces & Aquarius
  • Element: Water & Air
  • Planet: Neptune and Uranus
  • Mineral Family: Quartz
  • Crystal System: Craving
  • Colour: Purple, Lavender, Violet, White
  • Affirmation: " I choose to be kind to myself"
  • Best For: It promotes internal balance and harmony and brings stability and self-love to the individual
  • Origins: Uruguay, South Korea, Russia, the United States 


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