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Yooperlite Crystal Butterfly Wings with holder

Yooperlite Crystal Butterfly Wings with holder

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Introducing our stunning Crystal Yooperlite Wings, a unique and captivating addition to your home decor collection. These exquisite wings are crafted with precision and attention to detail, showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of Yooperlite crystals.

Yooperlite crystals are a unique and uncommon variety of fluorescent sodalite that can only be found in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. These crystals, well-known for their vivid glow under UV light, produce a wonderfully enthralling visual effect. Our Crystal Yooperlite Wings are made of finely chosen Yooperlite crystals that have been arranged to mimic a butterfly's wing span.

In conclusion, our Crystal Yooperlite Wings offer a unique and enchanting way to incorporate the beauty of Yooperlite crystals into your home decor. With their delicate design, vibrant glow, and symbolic meaning, these wings will add a touch of magic and elegance to any space. Elevate your interior design with the captivating beauty of Crystal Yooperlite Wings and let your walls come alive with their radiant glow.


Length: 25cm 

Height: 25cm

Weight:  602 grams


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