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Crystal Advent Calender 2023

Crystal Advent Calender 2023

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Crystal Advent Calendar

This beautiful Crystal Advent Calendar 2023 is the perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season and connect with the healing power of crystals. Each day, you will open a box to reveal a different crystal, along with a card that describes its metaphysical properties.

The crystals in this calendar are carefully selected for their ability to promote positive energy, healing, and well-being. 

As you open each box, take some time to meditate with the crystal and reflect on its meaning. You can also use the crystals for healing, such as placing them on your body or wearing them as jewelry.

This Crystal Advent Calendar is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves crystals or is interested in learning more about their metaphysical properties. It is also a great way to add a touch of magic and wonder to your Christmas season.

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  • 24 beautifully packaged crystals
  • Each crystal comes with a card describing its metaphysical properties
  • Made with high-quality crystals
  • A great gift for anyone who loves crystals or is interested in learning more about them


  • Promotes positive energy, healing, and well-being
  • Helps to connect with the earth's energy
  • Provides a sense of peace and relaxation
  • Can be used for healing, meditation, or simply for enjoyment

Order your Crystal Advent Calendar today and start your journey to a more mindful and connected life!

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