My Story

When it all began...

Twenty-seven years ago I met the most amazing, eclectic and beautifully spiritual woman who claimed she could assist me with my grief after losing my beautiful sister. I was searching for answers, reasons why, and comfort during this darkest time.

They say people come into your life for a reason. My lesson learnt was how to tap into my knowing energies, trust my gut feelings and most of all just listen to my guides.

My passion for all things Magick created a desire to learn and share with those who were interested! My promise to you is that beautiful intention, love and care with you in mind will assist me in making magic happen!

“Enchant and Delight” is a tribute to all those beautiful people who have touched my life whether lessons learnt from or love received Love the Enchant and Delight founder Melissa xo

Sisters are like angels, they sparkle, twinkle and glow, They’re the best gifts our hearts will ever know.