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Pink Opal Enchanted Creature

Pink Opal Enchanted Creature

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The Pink Opal Enchanted Creature is a mystical creation that embodies the soothing and nurturing energies of the pink opal gemstone. Believed to bring calmness, emotional healing, and love into your life, this enchanting creature symbolizes compassion, peace, and harmony. It can help you connect with your emotions, release emotional baggage, and foster inner peace and self-love.

Colour  Soft Pink

Zodiac  Libra and Scorpio

Chakra Heart

Benefits for

Pink Opal is a nurturing and supportive stone that can bring a sense of peace, love, and healing into your life on emotional, spiritual, and energetic levels.


"I am surrounded by the loving and nurturing energy of Pink Opal. I release all negative emotions and embrace inner peace, love, and compassion. My heart is open to receive healing and positive energy, allowing me to connect with my emotions and experience emotional balance and harmony."


Sourced from Peru



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