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Orca Crystal Flame

Orca Crystal Flame

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This beautiful orca crystal flame is a powerful and unique work of art. The orca is a symbol of strength, power, and protection, and the crystal flame represents the power of the elements. This piece is sure to bring you strength, clarity, and focus.

The orca crystal flame is made of orca agate, a type of cryptocrystalline quartz that is only found in Madagascar. Orca agate is said to have many properties, including:

  • Promoting strength, power, and protection
  • Clearing away negative energy
  • Boosting clarity and focus
  • Encouraging self-expression
  • Connecting you to the power of the ocean

This orca crystal flame is a powerful tool for transformation and healing. It can be used for meditation, crystal healing, or simply as a beautiful and unique piece of decor.


  • Orca agate crystal
  • Flame-shaped carving
  • Natural crystal, so there may be some small imperfections


  • Promotes strength, power, and protection
  • Clears away negative energy
  • Boosts clarity and focus
  • Encourages self-expression
  • Connects you to the power of the ocean
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