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Enchant & Delight

Tell-Me Doll

Tell-Me Doll

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Is someone getting your goat? Do your coworkers take the phrase "spirit animal" a little too literally and act like… well, an ass? Well, channel your inner zen master (with a hint of mischievous twinkle) with the Tell-Me Doll from Enchant & Delight!

This adorable bundle of charm – think hand-tied twine, enchanted twigs, and a sprinkle of crystals – is the perfect way to vent your frustrations in a delightfully discreet (and totally anonymous) way. Feeling flustered by your colleague's constant bludge breaks? Whisper your woes to the Tell-Me Doll, a miniature version of your cubicle companion (complete with questionable fashion sense, optional). Need to tell your ex's late-night texts to take a hike? This doll's all ears, with a tiny phone perpetually glued to its head (because seriously, who texts at 2 am?).

And guess what, darling adventurer? There's a full moon coming up on April 24th! Legend whispers that it's the most potent time to unleash a little karmic nudge. So stick a metaphorical pin in those annoying habits, target the chronic complainers with a touch of delightful misfortune, or maybe even send a shiver down the spine of your ex with questionable texting habits.

The Tell-Me Doll guarantees hours of therapeutic venting (disclaimer: actual voodoo powers not included, but hey, a little cosmic nudge can be surprisingly effective!). Act fast, because these dolls fly off the shelves faster than you can say "bad vibes, begone!" Limited stock available, so grab your Tell-Me Doll today and unleash the delightful power of a good vent!

Custom made Dolls for all your venting needs 

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