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Nine-tailed fox pendant

Nine-tailed fox pendant

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This beautiful pendant is a symbol of wisdom, power, and good luck. It is handmade from sterling silver and features a nine-tailed fox charm with an aquamarine and enigmatic bloodstone with scarlet spots.

The nine-tailed fox is a creature of legend in many cultures, and it is often associated with magic, cunning, and transformation. The aquamarine is a stone of protection and healing, while the bloodstone is a stone of courage and strength.

This pendant is the perfect way to add a touch of magic and mystery to your look. It is also a thoughtful gift for someone who is looking for a symbol of protection and good luck.


  • Handmade from sterling silver
  • Nine-tailed fox charm
  • Aquamarine and enigmatic bloodstone with scarlet spots
  • Adjustable chain


  • Symbol of wisdom, power, and good luck
  • Protection from negative energy
  • Promotes healing and well-being
  • Brings good fortune and prosperity

Order your nine-tailed fox pendant today and start enjoying its many benefits!

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