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Green Apatite Crystal Skull

Green Apatite Crystal Skull

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This beautiful green apatite crystal skull is a rare and powerful work of art. The apatite is a deep teal green color with a shimmering iridescence, which is said to represent clarity, wisdom, and spiritual growth. It is also a stone of manifestation, helping to bring your dreams into reality.

Green apatite is said to have many properties, including:

  • Promoting clarity and focus
  • Boosting wisdom and intuition
  • Helping to manifest dreams
  • Clearing away negativity
  • Protecting from harmful energy

This green apatite crystal skull is a powerful tool for transformation and healing. It can be used for meditation, crystal healing, or simply as a beautiful and unique piece of decor.


  • Deep teal green apatite crystal
  • Natural crystal skull
  • Some small imperfections


  • Promotes clarity and focus
  • Boosts wisdom and intuition
  • Helps to manifest dreams
  • Clears away negativity
  • Protects from harmful energy
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